Sunday, January 28, 2007

New additions for January 28, 2007

Assassin and the Whiner #15 - Carrie McNinch
Aunt Franne #5 - Anne
Doris #14 - Cindy
Dysfunctional Family #11 - Adrian, editor
Eightfold Path #5 - Daryl
EqualizingXDistort Volume 5, Issue 3 - CIUT 89.5
EqualizingXDistort Volume 6, Issue 1 - CIUT 89.5
EqualizingXDistort Volume 6, Issue 8 - CIUT 89.5
I'm Johnny and I Don't Give A Fuck #5 - Andy
Jade's Red Room #6 - Jade
Karawane or the Temporary Death of the Brutist #6 - Laura Winton,
Karawane or the Temporary Death of the Brutist #7 - Laura Winton,
Karawane or the Temporary Death of the Brutist #8 - Laura Winton,
Karawane or the Temporary Death of the Brutist #9 - Laura Winton,
Los Mylxine #11 - Scott
Timberline #4 - Chris Barry
Maximumrocknroll #51 - Tim Yohannon, editor
Maximumrocknroll #57 - Tim Yohannon, editor
Sugar Diet #3 - Rick Trembles

We've also added a zine resource guide, which we will be continuing to add to, as well as a guestbook (an actual book). Please sign it!

Also, just a reminder, our "Make A Zine Workshop" is next Sunday, February 4, from 1-3.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

New additions for January 21, 2007

A Cette Dame #1- Becky Johnson
Calendar Girl #1- Christine S.
Ghetto Youth/Mylxine #12- Scott and Sarah
Girl Gang- Fly
Static Toe #4- Chris Barry
The Kids Can't Sing- Chris and Lisa
(untitled)- Mike Parsons

MAKE A ZINE! Workshop

Please join us for Make a Zine!: A Workshop for Beginners hosted by the TZL Collective at the Toronto Zine Library. Topics covered will include a short history of zines, what they are and why we make them, as well as the future of zines. Our hands-on workshop will address varieties of approach, genre, construction and distribution. Our collective members will also talk about their personal histories with zines, the library itself, and will provide workshop attendees with a question and answer period, as well as one-on-one feedback and assistance regarding making a zine of their own. All are welcome; the workshop is free of charge.

Sunday, February 4th. 1pm
Toronto Zine Library at the TRANZAC
292 Brunswick Avenue, south of Bloor St.
For more information, please contact us:

Sunday, January 14, 2007

new additions for January 14, 2007

A Guide to the Mannerly Wooing & Winning of the Object of Your Affection- Matilda and Edwina
A Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance- Shelley
Anatomic Air Review #2, the- Sinoun
Another Name for Nothing #3- John
As She Counted the Spiders #1- Gnomexaka
Beginnings- Anonymous
Black Carrot #1- Dave
Caught In My Eye- Megan Butcher
Chep Whittaker Is Dead- Paul De Decker
Christine and Tara’s DIY Guide to Making Cosmetic and Hygienic Products- Christine and Tara
Clara Marie Candy Cane and Me- Miranda Hale
Cuture Shock- Adam Menceles
Dance of the Skeletons #4- Johnny Aztec
Dreamer- Brown Paper Bag Comic
Ferrum Wheel #5- Christopher Fritton, editor
Floor Meeting #2- Martine Richards
Four Star Daydream #6- Fawne Thomaston
Ghost: Rock Scissors Paper- Julie, editor
Glamour Puss #1- Jessica
Graveyard Alive- A Zombie Nurse In Love- Una Crow
Hauzine- various
Heat Seeker #1- various
Homesick #1- various
Hot Dick- Laura McCoy
Infecticitus #1- Halley Murray
Ladyscientist #1- Susan P. Bustos
Misfit Toy- Vix Spooky
Mutiny: A Paper of Anarchistic Ideas & Actions- Mutiny Collective
Nobody Can Eat 50 Eggs- various
Old Weird America #1- Rose White
Orange and Blue #0- Isabelle Bourret
Permanent Ink #9- various
Pleiades #15, the- Miranda
Poetic Justice #3- Stephanie Carlin
Re: Licked Knuckles- Hartley Lin
Rem Dim Sum 001- Uyugomiak
Respect Your Elders- Barbee Lin
Season 9 #1
See No Speak No Hear No
Should You Encounter a Cougar-
Jacob T. Stoltz
Slow- Ian McLaughlin and Reuben Looyenga
Stanzas Vol 1 #43- Rob McLennan, editor
Status Seekers- various
Strawberry Cake- William Brown
Suburban Waste #2- Jenn
Thanksgiving- Sara Pinder
This is about Lion Love- Cynthia Longhair
This is What She Said- Megan Butcher
Today Is Wednesday- Alix D.
Towards a Less Fucked Up World
Twaddle #1
Urban Camping
What Surrounds You-

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