Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Additions for April 19, 2009

Andy's Chair half-size/perzine/Marc Arsenault
Arachne Vol.2 #1 half-size/litzine/Kimberly McIntyre (ed.)
Basement Children Zine Distro Catalog, Early 1997 half-size/special interest/various
Basement Children Zine Distro Catalog, Spring 1998 half-size/special interest/various
The Blue Ruin #2 half-size/litzine/Karen Chow & Elizabeth Kessick
Carve Spring 2005 half-size/litzine/Andrea Belcham (ed.) (Montreal)
Caustic Truths #3 half-size/fanzine/various
Come Clean #3 half-size/litzine/Duncan Carson
Dropout #7 odd-size/politics/various
The Fence #7 half-legal/gender/queer/Cheryl Dobinson
The Fence #8 half-legal/gender/queer/Cheryl Dobinson
The Fence #9 half-legal/gender/queer/Cheryl Dobinson
For, With, & To odd-size/litzine/Marshall Hryciuk & Karen Sohne (ed.)
Funkill half-size/perzine/Anonymous
Human Error #5 half-size/perzine/Marc
Human Error #6 half-size/perzine/Marc
I Hate You #6 half-size/fanzine/Jen Hate
If the bible told you to jump off a cliff...#1 & The New Excrement #3 half-size/perzine/Jereme Labatte
Labour of Love half-size/litzine/various
Lioness #9 half-size/perzine/Mary Clare
Misunderstandings Magazine #3 half-legal/litzine/Jim F. Johnstone & Ian Williams (ed.)
Montgomery #10 half-size/fanzine/Rachael
My Alphabet #4 half-size/special interest/The Migraine Education Syndicate
Paint the House #5 half-size/perzine/Helen
Reactor Girl #1 half-size/vintage/art/Michel Vrana (1990)
Some Mothers Daughters, a collective half-size/gender/queer/various
Spit & a Half Catalog #13 half-size/special interest/John P.
Super Keen #2 half-size/fanzine/Pamela
Sustainable Transportation in Toronto half-size/special interest/various
These are the Licks half-size/litzine/Sophie Levy
Twaddle #1 half-size/litzine/various
The Valley of the Rubber Bands of Destiny half-size/litzine/Timothy Carter
Villian half-size/litzine/Sherwin Tjia

Monday, April 20, 2009


Thanks to everybody for coming to our fundraiser on Saturday. It was a big success.

Thanks especially to Cognate for organizing it!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Zine Library FUNdraiser

Come to our fundraiser next Saturday, April 18th, at 69 By the Pound (1234 Bloor Street West).

This is being organized by our friends at Cognate.

Featuring Performances by:

We Were Former [EP RELEASE!]


André Thériault [resurfacing from hiatus]

There will also be vegan baked goods, art, drinks and TZL merchandise for sale throughout the night!

All Ages, Doors at 8pm, $5.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

News additions for April 5, 2009.

Bad Seed #1 half-size/fanzine/Miriam Linna (1984)
Boyoboy Volume II, Issue 4 half-size/gender/D-Man, editor
Fox Comics #14 full-size/comic/David Vodicka, editor (1986)
Greed #3 full-size/fanzine/Kurt Sayenga (1987)
Hear Again #16 half-size/fanzine/Larry Lapka, editor (1986)
Knock Out #1 full-size/comic/Fletch (1974)
The Progressive Thinker Vol. 1 half-size/politics/Anonymous
Ratbeat International #1 tabloid, fanzine, Mietinen (1987, Finland)
Sunglasses in the Dark half-size/fanzine/Lindsay Hutton (1986)
Sure 6? half-size/special interest/Kane Sure
What's The Poop? tabloid/fanzine/Anonymous (1980s)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Zine Library closed on Sunday, April 12

While the Tranzac will in fact be open, we will not be there on April 12. See you the week after that!

Friday, April 3, 2009

New additions for March 29, 2009

79 Little Explosions... full-size/art/Gustave Morin

Ab inspector #2 quarter-size/comic/Patti Young Kim

Ab Inspector #3 odd-size/comic/Patti Young Kim
Big Boots #3 quarter-size/politics/various

Fat Chance quarter-size/gender/queer/Lisa Ayuso

Film odd-size/special interest/Jaime Maddalena

Fuzzy Letters are Better #11 quarter-size/perzine/Patti Young Kim

Girl Revolution Countdown odd-size/gender/queer/Siue

Hit by Car quarter-size/special interest/Sally McKay & Ben Smith Lea
Iconoclast #1 full-size/politics/Iconoclast Media
Iconoclast #2 full-size/politics/Iconoclast Media
Iconoclast #3 full-size/politics/Iconoclast Media
Iconoclast #4 full-size/politics/Iconoclast Media
Iconoclast #5 full-size/politics/Iconoclast Media
Iconoclast #6 full-size/politics/Iconoclast Media
Iconoclast #7 full-size/politics/Iconoclast Media
Iconoclast #8 full-size/politics/Iconoclast Media
My Life in Teeth odd-size/perzine/Kimberly Paglia

Otaku #5 quarter-size/perzine/Jeff Miller

P. Mody's Dada Boutique odd-size/art/P.Mody

Rubber Popsicle Factory quarter-size/comic/Owen Plummer

Super 8 quarter-size/special interest/anonymous

STAND Zine half-legal/politics/Students Taking Action Now: Darfur

And our Microcosm Order came in!!!

Absolutely Zippo! A fanzines's anthology book/fanzine/Robert Eggplant (editor)

Across Three Decades of Anarchism: A brief history of the Wooden Shoe half-size/politics/James G.

Am I Mad or Has the Whole World Gone Crazy????? half-legal/special interest/Eian Weissman

Applicant quarter-size/art/Jesse Reklaw (editor)
Boobage half-size/comic/Monica Gallagher
Counterbalance. Thoughts on Activism & Mental Health half-size/special interest/Kristi Kenney

Deliver Me from Nowhere book/lit/Tennessee Jones
Identity Crisis: Punk Subculture and Community full-size/culture/Jen Lorang
Joyful Dissent odd-size/politics/various

New Stop Adventure! #1 quarter-size/perzine/Matt Gauck

Next Stop Adventure #2 quarter-size/perzine/Matt Gauck
Project Studeny Autonomy half-size/politics/by Kids for Kids

Q is for Treason #11 half-size/perzine/anonymous
Rocket Queen #1 half-legal/gender/queer/anonymous
Rocket Queen #2 half-legal/gender/queer/anonymous
SCAM #5 full-size/perzine/Erick Lyle
Sobstory? Issue no. 6 quarter-size/perzine/anonymous
Sobstory? Issue no. 8 quarter-size/perzine/anonymous

Sounds of Your Name book/comics/Nate Powell

Zine Capsule. Zine Collecting for the future half-size/special interest/Kim Schwenk