Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New additions for July 29, 2007

It's Not You, It's me - Matthew Aurilio
The Zine Yearbook, Volume 3 - Jen Angel, editor
The Zine Yearbook, Volume 6 - Jen Angel, editor

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Toronto Zine Library- Selections at She Said Boom! Window Space

Excerpts from out collection will be on display at She Said Boom! Window Space gallery in August. Pass by and check it out!

Zine Library

August 1-31, 2007.
She Said Boom! Window Space

372 College Street

This exhibition showcases highlights from the Toronto Zine Library’s collection. Included are zines from the 80s to the present, ranging from literary and art-based zines to political/feminist/queer zines to punk rock fanzines. These selections- though only a mere glimpse into the past and present of “underground publishing”- illustrate the rich history of subversive thought, graphic art and free expression associated with
the zine medium.

The Toronto Zine Library is a reading room and lending library run by a collective of zine-readers, zine-makers and librarians striving to make zines more accessible in Toronto. They believe that zines are an important medium of communication, and that they should be cherished, protected and promoted. The TZL aims to do this through not only a public collection of more than 1200 catalogued pieces, but also by conducting talks and workshops
at the library and abroad, as well as by holding related events that promote zines as a method of open communication. The Toronto Zine Library is currently based out of the second floor of the Tranzac Club.

The Toronto Zine Library Collective is Suzanne Sutherland, Patrick Mooney and Tara Bursey. For more information on the Toronto Zine Library and its collective, consult the Toronto Zine Library website: http://www.sitekreator.com/zinelibrary

For more information, contact:
Tara Bursey
She Said Boom! Window Space

New additions for July 22, 2007

Burn Collector #12 - Al Burian
Cometbus #49 - Aaron Cometbus
Kill Baby #3 - Steve Fentone
So Sue Me - Various

Sunday, July 15, 2007

New additions for July 15, 2007, and exciting news

Batman- Paper Rad
Black, White and Read All Over #1.2- Paper Rad
Grope- Various
Nozone- various
Nozone- various
Propaganda #3- Fred H. Berger, editor
(untitled)- Star DT
You Never Know...- Annette Schaffer

Starting next week, we will be selling (zine libraries cost a lot to run, and it all comes out of our pockets/individual donations) Toronto Zine Library library cards for 5$. What this will get you is BORROWING PRIVILEGES. You can take out up to 3 zines for 2 weeks. This doesn't include the vintage zines, but still, we have lots of zines that you can take home and read. Please see our website for full details.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

TZL at Good Catch Craft Fair, July 14th!

Join us at the Good Catch Dog Day Afternoon Craft Fair on the afternoon of the 14th. Vendors will include Le Petit Pig, Heart Beat, Sweetie Pie Press, Rat Girl Goodies, Cold Snap Bindery and much more! Come support your local indie crafters, artisans and do-it-yourselfers! At the Good Catch General Store, 1556 Queen Street West (west of Jameson Avenue), Toronto.

New additions for July 1, 2007

Forty Cent Rage - Claudia
It's a High School THING! - various
James Cardinal McGuigan Times - various
Kiss Machine #8 - Emily Pohl-Weary, editor
Kiss Machine #12 - Emily Pohl-Weary, editor
Kiss Machine #14 - Emily Pohl-Weary, editor
Teen's Life Magazine - various
Youth Alive - various