Saturday, February 28, 2009

New additions for February 22, 2009

Despite Everything: A Cometbus Anthology - Aaron Cometbus, editor
My 1st Lesbian Colouring Book - K. Hortie
My 2nd Lesbian Colouring Book
- K. Hortie
My 3rd Lesbian Colouring Book
- K. Hortie
Our Bodies, Ourselves: A Book By and For Women (2nd Edition)
- The Boston Women's Health Book Collective

Saturday, February 21, 2009

New additions for February 15, 2009

10 Words That I Wish You Wouldn't Say Kaley
24 Hour Zine Challenge Various
a cuttlefish love story Leslie Gauthier
Between Homes Jen Pilles
Drift Dustin
Educate Yourself About Botanical Hairstyles Sonia Edworthy
Evidence: mix tape of paper Anonymous
Fag Punk #6 Fag Punk
Finding Your Third Eye Through Consumption of Large Quantities of Bacon Anonymous
Fusion: The Diet of the Future Anonymous
I'd Rather Be Leslie Gauthier
Messy Baby/Messy Dog Sarah
NC-17 various
Nikol Harber Gives You A Tree Planting Tale Nicol Harber
Nikol Harber Gives You Gracious Living Nikol Harber
On the Cusp #1 Sheridan Self Publishers
On the Cusp #2 Sheridan Self Publishers
Psyence Phiction Robin and Drew
Show Me The Money! #28 Tony Hunnicutt
Space Wars: The Anarchists Strike Back various
Stay Put for A Minute Jen Pilles
Those Who Choose Anonymous
Why I Like to Pee Outside Amanda Stevens
xeNe #1 Anonymous
Zine Arcade #2 Andrew Owen Johnson

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday nights

We somehow forgot to post this, but Friday night librarian hours have been put on hiatus, indefinitely (i.e., we're probably not going to bring them back). You can still come in and read zines, but no check-outs. Sundays continue as always.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New additions for February 1, 2009

13 Months Anonymous
A History of the Photocopy in Literature pi omikron
A Zine About Discrimination and A Bunch Of Other Stuff Too Natalie
Bizarrism #10 Chris Mikul
Cadn Underans and the Rorpi Popi Pipl Anonymous
D90 A Mix-Tape Zine Anonymous
Dates I've Been On and Not Been On #6 Anonymous
Distractions In Wonderland #1 Kristy
Dollzine #1 Candace
Drawing Moustaches in Magazines Monthly Magazine #5 Josie
Eat the Hungry Agsit Sidrat
F-Word #3 Melody, Editor
Half Arse #1 I. G. Oog
Half Arse #2 I. G. Oog
Half Arse #3 I. G. Oog
Hate Mail Anonymous
Mutiny: A Paper of Anarchistic Ideas and Actions #31 various
Mutiny: A Paper of Anarchistic Ideas and Actions #32 various
Outlaw #2.5 Anarchist Direct Action
The Ponies various
Stained Sheets #1.1 various
Stained Sheets #1.2 various
Unless You're Free various
What We Do is Secret Volume 1, Issue 3 Daniel Stewart and Benjamin J. Michell

Sunday, February 1, 2009

TZL presenting ¨Zinemaking & Social Change Workshop¨ in WATERLOO

The Laurier Students´ Public Interest Research Group has invited the Toronto Zine Library to facilitate a workshop on Zinemaking & Social Change as part of the LSPIRG´s Community Innovation Certificate program!

¨This program is geared towards Laurier students, social innovators, sustainable entrepreneurs, change agents, enterprising non-profits, anyone who is interested in learning about being an effective change agent and applying creative problem-solving to their organization and their community. Over a period of three years, this pilot project will offer various sessions on issues ranging from grant writing, community organizing to strategic planning, financial planning, social entrepreneurship and other more innovative training opportunities.¨

Danielle and Suzanne of TZL will be presenting at Laurier University in Waterloo on Thursday, March 12th at 5:30 PM!