Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Additions from August 19th, 2008

Ghost Pine, bees fanzine/quarter-size/Jeff Miller
Ghost Pine, blood fanzine/quarter-size/Jeff Miller
Ghost Pine, crows fanzine/quarter-size/Jeff Miller
Ghost Pine, wires fanzine/quarter-size/Jeff Miller
Ghost Pine, wolf fanzine/quarter-size/Jeff Miller

Thanks to Jeff Miller who donated these zines during the event at This Ain't the Rosedale Library tonight, with readings from Erick Lyle, Jeff Miller, Cathy Crowe, Dri, and Joey Comeau. The readings were all amazing and the event had a really great turnout. Thanks to everyone who participated and came out.

Monday, August 18, 2008

New Additions for August 18th. 2008

Begin #1 / gender/queer / Dana, Ian, Guy, and Kristin
Delete, Issue 1: Temptation
/ gender/queer / Tammy Kenward (editor)
Educational Tourist
/ perzine / Dara Greenward
The Fence Vol.1 / gender/queer / Cheryl Dobinson
The Fence Vol.3 / gender/queer / Cheryl Dobinson
The Fence Vol.4 / gender/queer / Cheryl Dobinson
The Fence Vol.5 / gender/queer / Cheryl Dobinson
Free Fixin's a guide dedicated to garbage picking #1 / special interest / laura
Free to Choose / gender/queer / Eberhardt Press
Go #1
/ fanzine / various
How to Start a Revolution #9
/ politics / Jen Pilles
the Devil is Six / fanzine / una crow
Obscene Emission #1
/ fanzine
Rocks at My Window
/ litzine
Second Set Out
/ perzine / Moe Bowstern
Sick to Move Vol.3 No.0 / fanzine / various
Sick to Move Vol.3 No.1 / fanzine / various
Shameless, Spring 2006 / magazine / various

Another closure alert

The zine library will close early on Wednesday, August 20th. Well, the library will be open, but it will only be staffed from 5pm until 6pm.

In other news, remember to come to the event on Tuesday at This Ain't the Rosedale Library, and to Zine Dream, happening on Sunday, August 24th, at the Tranzac!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Important notice

The Tranzac is closed this Sunday, August 17, so the zine library is closed too. We'll be open for our regular hours after that, including for Zine Dream on August 24th.
Also, be sure to come to the reading we're co-presenting on Tuesday, August 19th, at This Aint' the Rosedale Library, starting at 6pm.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New additions for August 12, 2008

You (squiggly lines) perzine/Luke You, editor (Australia)
You (yes/no)
perzine/Luke You, editor (Australia)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

An event you should come to...

An evening of readings with a Q & A featuring Erick Lyle, Jeff Miller, Cathy Crowe, Dri and Joey Comeau.

6pm, on August 19, 2008
This Ain't the Rosedale Library (86 Nassau Street)

This is going to be amazing:

ERICK LYLE is the author of 'On the Lower Frequencies: A Secret History of the City' published by Soft Skull. Still proudly unemployed, Erick has been setting up punk shows and protests, touring with his various bands and editing his zine, SCAM, since 1991. His writing has
appeared on NPR's This American Life, in Raritan and the San Francisco Bay Guardian and various book anthologies. He is currently playing music in Black Rainbow and Onion Flavored Rings. He lives in San
Francisco. Erick will be reading with travelmate Jeff Miller, the creator of the Montreal/Ottawa zine Ghost Pine. "Everyone talks about 'guerrilla art,' but Lyle and his crew are the real deal, Viet Cong in the interstices of gentrification."- Mike Davis

CATHY CROWE is the author/editor of Dying for a Home. She wrote the book with homeless activists including Nancy Baker, Brian Boyd, Kevin Clarke, Dri et al. Cathy
Crowe calls herself a 'street nurse,' a term coined by a homeless man in downtown Toronto. She has been nursing and organizing with and for the homeless for about twenty years. 1998 saw Cathy's co-founding of
the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee. Some years later Cathy played a key role supporting the hundred-plus homeless people at Toronto's TENT CITY - people who ultimately won housing. Cathy will be reading from Dying for a Home. Reading with Cathy Crowe will be the legendary homeless activist and artist/poet Dri., who's life story and creative work is featured in Dying for a Home.

JOEY COMEAU is the author of the novel Lockpick Pornography and the short story collection It's too Late to Say I'm Sorry both published by The Loose Teeth Press.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

New additions for August 3, 2008

A How to Guide to Manarchy - Emily and Kaley
Art Tells Gorgeous Lies that Come True #11 - Anonymous
Comics That Suck #1 - Ztk
Entremettrum Novembre 2005 - various (Spain)
Entremettrum Juny 2006 - various (Spain)
Entremettrum Octubre 2006 - various (Spain)
Entremettrum Febrer 2007 - various (Spain)
Entremettrum Juny 2007 - various (Spain)
Gangsters #1 - Fortuna (Spain)
Gangsters #2 - Fortuna (Spain)
Grafiques Vermelles - Pere Sagner (Spain)
The Interview was Literal - Lisa