Monday, December 22, 2008

Roberts Street Social Centre shed residency

(The Toronto Zine Library can send you a copy of the application form if you are interested)

Roberts Street Social Centre
The residency program runs seasonally at The Roberts Street Social Centre, from June to September each year. Residencies are two weeks long, and residents are provided with space, equipment and support for their project as well as living space in a garden shed in the backyard of the Centre. We encourage projects that relate to the mandate of the Roberts Street Social Centre, in any medium.
Mission Statement:
The Roberts Street Social Centre is a space for people to come together to share skills, knowledge, and resources. It is a collection of projects dedicated to providing free or affordable access to independent and alternative media, art, and education. We support critical, creative projects and inspire social change with DIY (do it yourself), non-hierarchical, and consensus-based approaches. We aim to be active in our communities by collaborating with other groups and projects. We strive to be inclusive, aware of barriers and discrimination, and welcoming to all ages.
We house:
• the Ink Storm Screenprinting Collective studio
• the Anchor Archive Zine Library
• the “Crow's Nest” space for events, workshops, and meetings
• an artist and zinemaking residency
• kitchen and bathroom facilities
• a yard with firepit and garden
Residency Program:
Residencies are two weeks long, and the residency program runs from June to September. Locals are welcome to apply, but priority will be given to out-of-town applicants.
Residents are housed in the shed, an actual garden shed in the backyard. Accommodation in the shed is simple and rustic – there is a bunk bed, several shelves and hooks, adaptable workspace, and an extension cord provides electricity. A kitchen and bathroom are available inside the Social Centre house. Life in the shed could also be described as urban camping. The rest of the yard has a vegetable and flower garden, a fire pit, and benches. We offer you the use of a bicycle while you’re here. Billeting may also be an option.
We are interested in proposals for projects that embody the same sort of do-it-yourself spirit as the Social Centre, and that contribute in some way to the community and/or the space. Projects should be executed or completed during the two-week residency, so please try to keep your project fairly simple! Two weeks is not much time. You don't need to have a finished product but we do ask that you share your work with us in some way, such as a public event – a reading, release, launch, art show, performance, workshop, whatever – either at the Centre or a more appropriate venue. We will help you plan and promote this event. We are interested in any sorts of proposals – not necessarily zine-based (although that is certainly welcome). We offer you support and help executing your project, and access to supplies that we have here.

The Roberts Street Social Centre, located at 5684 Roberts Street, is a small Maritime-style house with a bathroom and kitchen for you to use. The Anchor Archive Zine Library occupies the front room of the house and is open twice weekly to the public. We have thousands of zines and books, for browsing and lending to members. We have an old and slow iMac computer with internet (and wireless access), scanner, printer as well as zine making tools like typewriters, stationary supplies, Letraset, clip art, etc. The back room is a collectively-run screenprinting studio (Ink Storm), which is available for you to use as well and has open hours twice a week the same time as the zine library. There is a light table to burn screens using photo-emulsion, silkscreens for printing on fabric and paper that you can use, and other supplies.
Halifax is a small city on the east coast of Canada, about twelve hours drive from either Boston or Montreal. The Roberts Street Social Centre is located just off Agricola Street in the North End. There is a small and welcoming community of activists, artists, musicians and neighbourhood people to meet. Other great resources available locally include the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative, Centre for Art Tapes, the eyelevel gallery, the Khyber ICA, Halifax Coalition Against Poverty, Bike Again Co-operative, the Halifax North Public Library, and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. We love collaborating with other local groups, and can help make connections and suggest contacts that would apply to your project.
Due to the very public nature of the Roberts Street Social Centre, and the very rustic nature of the shed, we realize this residency program is not for everyone. Residents must be prepared to work in a busy, social environment with little privacy, be comfortable with dust, the occasional spider web and be fairly self-sufficient with meals and housekeeping. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to explore the possibility of billeting, please feel free to get in touch with us before the application deadline.

The deadline for applications is February 15 2009.
We will let you know by the beginning of March.
Thank you!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Last Minute Friday Night Closure

The zine library will not be hosting open hours tonight from 5-7 due to extenuating circumstances. Sorry! The library will also be closed next Friday, the 26th, but will be back on Friday January 2nd. Sunday library hours - from 1 to 3 - will continue as usual.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Call for Submissions- Create the Situation

This is a zine-related open call for subs I received from co-curator Kerri-Lynn Reeves in Winnipeg via email yesterday. Sounds great...!

-Tara (TZL)






Create the Situation is looking for contributors. We want you to create the situation!

Inspired by the popular Yippie slogan "create the condition you describe", Create the Situation provides an opportunity for a broader awareness for creative acts of daily activism through the creation of short run zines that provide suggestions for ways to engage with ones city. Ideas from previous issues have included DIY pothole repair instructions and starting a neighborhood welcoming committee to get to know the neighbors who already live in your neighborhood that you just don't know yet.

In the Tipping Point author Malcolm Gladwell writes that a revolution isn't one huge monumental event, but instead a series of small things that build up and make a difference. These ideas for small acts that can be done in the neighborhoods and institutions that make up ones city can in turn lead to making changes in their social engagement with their environment and their neighbors that can lead to at the very least engaged citizenship.

This project is intended to inspire people to take these actions into their own hands, to create not only engaged communities, artists, activists and creative types, but ultimately to create engaged citizens.

We are looking for between 4-12 people to create issues of CTS. (Link to the issues we made). What are your ideas for how to interact with the people and places in your city in potentially unexpected ways?

Accepted individuals will receive a small honorarium as well as printed issues of the quarterly zine. Create the Situation will be printed in the DIY spirit of zine publications. The black and white photocopied booklet will list ideas for how to engage with not only ones neighbors, but with the institutions and infrastructures of the city in unexpected ways. Suggestions might include ways to use your local library, music stores, art galleries, and parks as well as ways to engage with people in your community and inventive solutions for city maintenance. CTS will also be available online as a PDF, as well as mailed out to subscribers and provided free locally in Portland, OR, Winnipeg, MB and the hometown of each contributing author.

To submit please follow the guidelines below to submit your ideas for how to create the situation!

Guidelines for submissions:

  • 4 suggestions for ways to engage with ones city. How would you "create the situation"? Feel free to include illustions, photos or diagrams if applicable.
  • A brief bio (100 words max)
  • Name, address, contact information
Email submissions to by December 15, 2008.

Accepted contributors will be notified by January 3, 2009.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

City of Craft 2008

We are very excited to have a community vendor table at this year's City of Craft! At our table, we will be providing info about our collective activities, handing out literature, selling memberships, and selling our awesome resource zines and pinback buttons to raise much needed funds for our fast approaching 2009 programming! Please come out and support the TZL, and this incredible annual local craft-stravaganza!

For vendor, installation, and related event information, check out City of Craft's

City of Craft

Saturday, December 13, 2008
NOON - 8:00pm

The Theatre Centre
1087 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON

Friday, November 28, 2008

New additions for November 23, 2008

Alternative #3 various (Switzerland)
Bleak Horizon #2 Brian Sayle (UK)
Bystander Fanzine Scott J
Controversy 101 #1 various
Emphasis #1 various
Excursion #3 Dave Larson
Future Fantasteek! #5 Jackie Batey
Heartattack #3, 6-9, 11, 16, 30
I, Yeast Roll #78 Sam McPheeters
Inside Front #8 various
No Longer a Fanzine #4 Joseph Gervasi
Point of Interest #2 Jay Ford
Profane Existence #40
Ripping Thrash #8 Steve (UK)
Ripping Thrash #10 MUT, editor (UK)
Second Guess #12 b.o.b.c.
Short Fast and Loud #5 Chris Dodge, editor
Tidbit Fanzine #4 Dave Sine, editor
Vinyl Preservation Society #3 various
Wrong Fanzine #2 Peter Hart

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New additions for November 9, 2008

Boyoboy Volume 2, Issue 2 D-Man, editor
First Birthdays Anonymous
The New American Century Project- Scratching the Surface: Media Wars Tobey C. Anderson
Peter O'Toole: A Magazine of One-Line Poems #3 Stuart Ross, edior
Portland Amusement Lotus Seed
Show Me the Money #27 various
They Call It Struggle for a Reason OCAP

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New additions for November 2, 2008.

A Girl Was Sent Jeba Bowers Murphy
The Adapted Masterworks or Immense Sophistication #1 Michael Faust
The Adapted Masterworks or Immense Sophistication #1 George Michael Faust
Adventures in Misfortune Presents McCoy Ahoy! #3 Bev Calder
Beauty Parlour Secrets anonymous
Book of Rhymes Leeanne Kennedy and Amanda Nicole White
Border, Border, Border! Sarah Feldbloom and Tassia Poynter
Broken Birds Volume 1, Issue 2 Margot
The Buff Mancat Collector Vol. 1 Ginette Lapalme
Buzzkiller #1 Francisco Ribas
Cheque Files akb
The CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting #5 Microcosm
College Type Funnies Chris Kuzma and Patrick Kyle
Cool Drawing, Dude: Comix and Sketched from the Streets of Ottawa Colin White
Cultivator Kate Andres-Toal
Culture Slut #16 Amber Farthing
Descender Anonymous
Felt Me: Wool Gathering or My Adventures With Felt Nancy Johnson
Ferum Wheel #6 Christopher Fritton, editor
Filter #1 Koyar
First Impressions Lori Hutcheson
The Folly of Youth A.Y. Gorodskoy
Free Radicals- A Not So Secret Diary the new deference
Gladhand #1 J.B.
Gladhand #2 J.B.
Habitat various
Hair Laura McCoy
Hearts on Sleeves Lisa Drake
Hedonism Marlowe and Rhian
High Falootin' #2 J.B.
High Falootin' #3 J.B.
High Falootin' #4 J.B.
High Falootin' #5
High Falootin' #7 J.B.
How We Made This Aaron Manczyrk and Leon Hui
Kaitlyn Leigh: Ninja Assassin! Michael Faust and Mike Bauman
Kazine #4 various
Kazine #6 various
Kit and Aaron's Food Review: The Third Edition Aaron Manczyk and KT Skene
Kyle Magazine various
Laundry Room Sophie Kim Hoang
Leon's Retreat #1 Faylynn Koch
Locked Down Love Affairs Ashley Catania
Lonely Friends various
Maids of the Mist Caitlyn Black
Manhattan Lindsay Brown and Lee Wiesblatt
The Mariah Trilogy Caitlyn Black
Mary Duh #12 Anita Fixx
Migrant Workers Saved My Life Kate Andres-Toal
The Mummy Concerns L. Reid and J. Stab
Octopussy Laura McCoy
Oomska: The Heartbroken Issue Kathy Friedman
Oomska: The Failure Issue Kathy Friedman
Oomska: The Death Issue Kathy Friedman
Open Spaces and Closed Places #1 Saicoink
Open Spaces and Closed Places #2 Saicoink
Oscp #2 Anonymous
Otra #3 Brown Paper Bag Comics
Peter O'Toole: A Magazine of One-Line Poems #3 Stuart Ross, editor
Peter O'Toole: A Magazine of One-Line Poems #4 Stuart Ross, editor
The Pizza Review in Toronto Aaron Manczyk
Plog #6 various
The Princess Bride Jay and Lee Wiesblatt
Real Ultimate Truth Colin White
Regulars Anonymous
Rrrr...You Better Run Away neelamker
Science Closet A.Y. Gorodskoy
The Sexy Homeboy Warriors Michael Faust
Shaolin Rock Star Mike Bryant
Sisyphus Kim Hoang
Stranger Things #1 Colin White
Suntona various
The Sun Shines on it Twice #3 C. Heslop
The Sun Shines on it Twice #6 C. Heslop
Terminator 2: Judgment Day Mileko Vujosevic and Lee Wiesblatt
This Page Between Us Andrea K. Bennett
The Things I've Seen I Can't Forget Aaron Mankczyk with Noak Mankczyk
Throwing Stones Daniel Barclay
Thumbnail #001 Laura Trethewey
Thy Will Be Done "Deaducation" Elyse and Bridgette
Toronto Comic Jam 02.21.2006 various
Toronto Comic Jam 08.26.2008 various
Two-Fisted Males #1 the new deference
Two Snowmen A. Lidta Tuy
(untitled) Anonymous
(untitled) Laura McCoy
(untitled) Laura McCoy
(untitled) Selena Wong
(untitled) Abena Asomaning
Vince is the One! Caitlyn Black
What The Eff Lisa Drake
W.W.U.D? Madge
Y'All Go On Home Now Y'Hear? neelamker
Yokai Craig Arndt
Zombie Love Danielle Crosby

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Open Fridays

For at least the month on November, we're going to experiment with staffing the library on Fridays from 5-7 instead of Wednesdays, because nobody comes on Wednesdays. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

TZL will be present at Canzine; Library Closed.

Hi everyone, tomorrow is CANZINE, so the TZL collective won´t be in library tomorrow but we will have a table at Canzine. Come by and check it out.

Sunday, October 26th, 2008
The Gladstone Hotel
1214 Queen West
(just east of Dufferin)
1:00-7:00 pm

Friday, October 10, 2008

new zines for October 5, 2008 / library closed

A/O Volume 1 Anonymous
Cometbus #51 Aaron Cometbus
The Nine Volume 2, Issue 1 Various
The Nine Volume 2, Issue 2 Various
The Nine Volume 2, Issue 3 Various
The Nine Volume 2, Issue 4 Various
Watch the Closing Doors Anonymous
Where Have All the Placentas Gone? Brescia Birdthroat Bloodbeard
You (Green Postcard) Luke You
You (Kraft/Yellow Stripe) Luke You

Also, please note that while the Tranzac will not be closed for thanksgiving this Sunday, the zine library volunteers will not be present.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Additions for September 28th, 2008

Sorry zine updates this week. Check back next week...

In other news, our website now features a Links/Zine Resources page. Be sure to check it out!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

new additions for september 14, 2008

888 JD Nelson
A Story About an Onion Factory Daniel Colbourne
About My Disappearance Dave Roche
Adventures With Kidney Stones Rebekah
Almost Ainu Anonymous
Amsterdam '74 Liam Crockard and Scott Crockard
Arts and Crafts Revolution Terri
The Boring Lives of Saints Anthony Gerace and Bill Scarfone
Breakfast at Twilight Erica S.
Broken Arrow #1 Katie
Butt Ugly #5 Cory
Calendar Girl #3 Louise Von A
Calendar Girl #5 Louise Von A
Carbon and Carbide #2 Lisa
The CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting: Martin Luther King Abner Smith
Creaking Home #1 Stewart Jarvis
Creaking Home #2 Stewart Jarvis
Crumb #1: Feelings Neelam Kler and Junior Carvalho
Curran's Mom's Sex Life... Liz Elton
Day of Reckoning David
Dead Rat #1 Strand B Strand
Dear Stepdad Neely Bat Chestnut
Drama Kid Kathryn Eller
Drink the Sunshine #4 Tom Brundison
Drive For Eternity #1 Magan Mobilize
Endless Escalators #1 Anonymous
Erinsborough Exploits Episode 22 Anonymous
Every-Thing Jen Pilles
Four Horsemen Sabrina Simon
Four Star Daydream Fawne Derosia
Four Star Daydream #8 Fawne
Frogs United in Nihilism Y. Julie
Godzilla Says Hi Jenny
Gribeault Jean-Francois Jette
Hannah's Pink Pajamas Melanie
Headlock Timothy Colman
In Utopia Enrico Ferri
Intermission #2 Rachel Lindan
Introvert #5 Nicole
Kazine #5 various
Land of the Midnight Sun #47 Anonymous
The Lavender Hoe #1 Shannon Perez-Darby and Amelia Crewe
Madwoman #7 Helena Madwoman
Meet Kafifa Katarzyna Stozek
Megane Kun #1 Megan Kun
Mend My Dress #3 Neely Bat Chestnut
New to Everything #5 Leanne
The Perfect Mix Tape Segue #2 Joe Biel
Pure Distortion #2 Taylor
Purgatorials #1 Lorna V
River Dresses #1 Absinthe Ophelia
The Road of Sand Anonymous
Rondo various
Shadows and Premonitions #1 Cate
She's Not a Morning Person #6 Jen Venegas
Silas Claudio Paola
Sinking Hearts Sophie
Soft Serve #1 Karoline
Soft Serve #2 Karoline
Solitary Confinement Lori Osting
This Story is Not About the Little Mermaid Anonymous
Today and Tomorrow #1 Jonathan S.
Toronto Zine Library: A Resource Zine #4 various
Two Seconds Notice #1 Cher
Two Seconds Notice Part 2 Cher
(untitled) Dana Arbabzadem
Up the Sleeve Mandy
What Would Nietzsche Do? Louise Von A
The World Is My Fuse #2 Anonymous
The World Is My Fuse #3 Anonymous
The Worst #1 Kathleen, editor
X Magazine #13 Jeff Hanson
You (red helmet) Anonymous
You (pink) Anonymous
You (bleeding tooth) Anonymous
You (monkey mask) Anonymous

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

TZL @ Ladyfest 2008!

Sunday, September 21st. 1:30pm

Danielle and Tara of the TZL Collective will be facilitating a workshop titled Zinemaking for Social Change at this year's Ladyfest Toronto! In this open-format workshop/discussion, we will talk about the history of zinemaking within countercultural movements from the 1920 to the present, methods of making and distributing zines and pamphlets as well as the Toronto Zine Library and it's activities.

Ladyfest 2008 Workshop Venue:

St. Stephen's In-the Fields Church
103 Bellevue Avenue at College Street
North of Kensington Market

From Ladyfest Toronto's website:

"Ladyfest Toronto is a four-day arts, culture and music festival. We are a non-profit, grassroots, do-it-yourself collective who seek to promote urban feminism. We work from a framework that is pro-feminist, trans-inclusive, pro-diversity and anti-oppressive. We seek to build community among Toronto's feminist businesses, artists, activists and academic community. We believe that art is a powerful form of resistance and hope to incite dialogue about contemporary feminist issues in our city. We will be providing a venue for women to express themselves and showcase their work free of sexism, classism, racism, and homophobia; as well as other forms of oppression.

We believe that politics can be fun and hope to facilitate political action and create tools for feminist networking at our annual event. We will proudly showcase the talent and actions of both local and international women. Ultimately, we hope Ladyfest Toronoto inspires women everywhere to organize themselves and create similar spaces that allow women's creative works to be seen and heard, as other Ladyfest's have for us."

For more information:

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Additions from August 19th, 2008

Ghost Pine, bees fanzine/quarter-size/Jeff Miller
Ghost Pine, blood fanzine/quarter-size/Jeff Miller
Ghost Pine, crows fanzine/quarter-size/Jeff Miller
Ghost Pine, wires fanzine/quarter-size/Jeff Miller
Ghost Pine, wolf fanzine/quarter-size/Jeff Miller

Thanks to Jeff Miller who donated these zines during the event at This Ain't the Rosedale Library tonight, with readings from Erick Lyle, Jeff Miller, Cathy Crowe, Dri, and Joey Comeau. The readings were all amazing and the event had a really great turnout. Thanks to everyone who participated and came out.

Monday, August 18, 2008

New Additions for August 18th. 2008

Begin #1 / gender/queer / Dana, Ian, Guy, and Kristin
Delete, Issue 1: Temptation
/ gender/queer / Tammy Kenward (editor)
Educational Tourist
/ perzine / Dara Greenward
The Fence Vol.1 / gender/queer / Cheryl Dobinson
The Fence Vol.3 / gender/queer / Cheryl Dobinson
The Fence Vol.4 / gender/queer / Cheryl Dobinson
The Fence Vol.5 / gender/queer / Cheryl Dobinson
Free Fixin's a guide dedicated to garbage picking #1 / special interest / laura
Free to Choose / gender/queer / Eberhardt Press
Go #1
/ fanzine / various
How to Start a Revolution #9
/ politics / Jen Pilles
the Devil is Six / fanzine / una crow
Obscene Emission #1
/ fanzine
Rocks at My Window
/ litzine
Second Set Out
/ perzine / Moe Bowstern
Sick to Move Vol.3 No.0 / fanzine / various
Sick to Move Vol.3 No.1 / fanzine / various
Shameless, Spring 2006 / magazine / various

Another closure alert

The zine library will close early on Wednesday, August 20th. Well, the library will be open, but it will only be staffed from 5pm until 6pm.

In other news, remember to come to the event on Tuesday at This Ain't the Rosedale Library, and to Zine Dream, happening on Sunday, August 24th, at the Tranzac!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Important notice

The Tranzac is closed this Sunday, August 17, so the zine library is closed too. We'll be open for our regular hours after that, including for Zine Dream on August 24th.
Also, be sure to come to the reading we're co-presenting on Tuesday, August 19th, at This Aint' the Rosedale Library, starting at 6pm.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New additions for August 12, 2008

You (squiggly lines) perzine/Luke You, editor (Australia)
You (yes/no)
perzine/Luke You, editor (Australia)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

An event you should come to...

An evening of readings with a Q & A featuring Erick Lyle, Jeff Miller, Cathy Crowe, Dri and Joey Comeau.

6pm, on August 19, 2008
This Ain't the Rosedale Library (86 Nassau Street)

This is going to be amazing:

ERICK LYLE is the author of 'On the Lower Frequencies: A Secret History of the City' published by Soft Skull. Still proudly unemployed, Erick has been setting up punk shows and protests, touring with his various bands and editing his zine, SCAM, since 1991. His writing has
appeared on NPR's This American Life, in Raritan and the San Francisco Bay Guardian and various book anthologies. He is currently playing music in Black Rainbow and Onion Flavored Rings. He lives in San
Francisco. Erick will be reading with travelmate Jeff Miller, the creator of the Montreal/Ottawa zine Ghost Pine. "Everyone talks about 'guerrilla art,' but Lyle and his crew are the real deal, Viet Cong in the interstices of gentrification."- Mike Davis

CATHY CROWE is the author/editor of Dying for a Home. She wrote the book with homeless activists including Nancy Baker, Brian Boyd, Kevin Clarke, Dri et al. Cathy
Crowe calls herself a 'street nurse,' a term coined by a homeless man in downtown Toronto. She has been nursing and organizing with and for the homeless for about twenty years. 1998 saw Cathy's co-founding of
the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee. Some years later Cathy played a key role supporting the hundred-plus homeless people at Toronto's TENT CITY - people who ultimately won housing. Cathy will be reading from Dying for a Home. Reading with Cathy Crowe will be the legendary homeless activist and artist/poet Dri., who's life story and creative work is featured in Dying for a Home.

JOEY COMEAU is the author of the novel Lockpick Pornography and the short story collection It's too Late to Say I'm Sorry both published by The Loose Teeth Press.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

New additions for August 3, 2008

A How to Guide to Manarchy - Emily and Kaley
Art Tells Gorgeous Lies that Come True #11 - Anonymous
Comics That Suck #1 - Ztk
Entremettrum Novembre 2005 - various (Spain)
Entremettrum Juny 2006 - various (Spain)
Entremettrum Octubre 2006 - various (Spain)
Entremettrum Febrer 2007 - various (Spain)
Entremettrum Juny 2007 - various (Spain)
Gangsters #1 - Fortuna (Spain)
Gangsters #2 - Fortuna (Spain)
Grafiques Vermelles - Pere Sagner (Spain)
The Interview was Literal - Lisa

Sunday, July 27, 2008

New additions for July 27, 2008

Bad Apples #2 / perzine / quarter size / Phil Chokeword
Doomed #2 / fanzine / half size / Christian and Mitch
Free Society #19 / fanzine / full size / Stu
Last Hours #17 / magazine / full size / various
STE Bulletin June/July 2008 / fanzine / odd size / various
You Can't Say No To Hope #9 / perzine / half size / John
You Zine Anthology #1 / perzine / paperback / Luke You

Monday, July 14, 2008

New additions for July 13, 2007

Blam! Blam!: An Erotic Bedside Journal - Michelle Blam! and Jenna Blam!
Boyoboy Volume 1, Issue 4 - D-Man, editor
Boyoboy Volume 2, Issue 1 - D-Man, editor
Galatea's Naked- The Sex Issue - Lauren Eggert-Crowe
You (4 issues) - Luke You, editor

Monday, June 23, 2008

Luke You at The Toronto Zine Library

Please join us for a talk with special guest Luke You of Melbourne, Australia, brought to you by the Toronto Zine Library Collective.

Luke You makes a free weekly paper zine called 'You'. He has published a copy every week since November 2001. The zine usually
takes the form of an anonymous hand written letter sealed with staples in a paper bag. The zine is produced in the city Luke You lives in - Melbourne,Australia. Luke has been publishing zines anonymously in Melbourne since 1994. Luke is also one of the coordinators and one of the founding members of the Melbourne zine store Sticky. Sticky is dedicated to promoting and distributing zines and artist-books and has been getting the zines
to the kids since April 2001. His talk will cover his involvement in the Australian zine scene, his own zine 'You" as well as his involvment in the Melbourne zine store Sticky. This is the final gig in his zine world tour which took in Melbourne, Chicago, Bloomington and Toronto.

Sunday, July 6th, 2008.


Toronto Zine Library at the TRANZAC
292 Brunswick Avenue
2nd Floor Rehersal Hall
Toronto, Canada

For more information, contact us:

new additions for june 22, 2008

Fruit #1 - Laura McCoy, editor
Fruit #2 - Laura McCoy, editor
Heavy Girl Press #2 - Kerry Daniels, editor
The HPV Zine- December 2007 - Down There Heath Collective
Il Pleut Des Gouines #9 - lolagouine
The Invisibility of Women Prisoners' Resistance - Vikki Law
Pope Hats - Ethan Rilly
Praxis Lives Volume 2, Issue 2 - various
we will not go quietly into the night - Capp

Sunday, June 15, 2008

New additions for June 15, 2008

Big Hands #6 - Aaron L. Smith
Cryptozoa - Androo Robinson
Dog Days #2 - Fly
Dream Date - Chelsea Martin
Forest for the Trees - Zebulun
Life in Tears - Zebulun
Man Falling Backwards Down Stairs - Daniel Joshua Nagelberg
Moments of Climax (3 Scenes) - Zack Sterawalker
On the Lower Frequencies: A Secret Life of the City - Erick Lyle
Peop(le)s #3 - Fly
Petbooks #5: Julia and Me - Kevin Luna and Julia Balibrera
Quit Me - Daniel Joshua Nagelberg
Scam #6 - Erick Lyle
Six Flowers - various
Sno Sute... - Chris Kuzma
Suspect - various
Worn - Chris Kuzma

Sunday, June 8, 2008

New additions for June 8, 2008

The End of a Perfect Day 9 - JoyceLeslie
The End of a Perfect Day 10 - JoyceLeslie
PLOG 005 (/w cd) - various
Maximumrocknroll 301 (June 2008) - various

Monday, May 26, 2008

New additions for May 25, 2008

Bussin' Around Town, Edition One - Louis Liss
From Russia with Love - Tara Bursey
More Pentagrams - Keith J. Varadi
ninth grade notes project: Alena Poupa, note 1 of 5 - Tara Bursey
ninth grade notes project: Alena Poupa, note 2 of 5 - Tara Bursey
ninth grade notes project: Irene Leung, note 1 of 5 - Tara Bursey
ninth grade notes project: Sarah Van Noten, note 2 of 4 - Tara Bursey
Statements - Keith J. Varadi
The Story of My Life - Amy Richardson
Tea Bag - Tara Bursey
Vacillation and Vertigo - D. B. Owens
Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams #1 - Amy Richardson

Thursday, May 22, 2008

New addditions for May 18, 2008

54 east Volume 1 - MA Tamburro, editor
54 east Volume 2 - MA Tamburro, editor
54 east Spring 2006 - MA Tamburro, editor
54 east Fall 2006 - MA Tamburro, editor
Action Satisfaction Supreme #2 - Zen Rankin
Ad-Vice - Michael Anthony Tamburro
Ash & Pikachu's Guide to Pokemon - W. Brown
Friends- you are my family - Stephanie Brendler
John Beats His Dog - Michael Anthony Tamburro
Konstuksjon #5 - Asne Hagen
MVC - Michael Anthony Tamburro
Ong-Ong - various
Pikmin the Guide - W. Brown
The Possum #3 - Blair Kitchen
Vote Michael Anthony for Stupid Council President - Mike-A-Zine Publications
WORN Fashion Journal #6 - various

Thursday, May 8, 2008

New additions for May 4, 2008

Culture Slut/Telegram Ma'am #2 - Amber and Maranda
Diary - Neil Harvey Hughes
Fight Boredom #2.5 - Amber Farthing
Hodgepodge #6 - Mike Schade
Plog #3 - Elaine Cunningham
Plog #4: The Music Issue - various
Thirdspace Volume 25, Issue 1 - Elaine Cunningham

Monday, April 28, 2008

New additions for February 27, 2008

The Anarchist Solution to the Problem of Crime - SRAF
Application of Anarchist Theory to the Modern Day Prison Struggle - Sean Swain
Bad Apples #1 - Phil Chokeword
Brazen Hussy Comics - Caroline
Each One Teach One Interview Series #5 - James Scott and Anthony Rayson
Interviews With Russell Maroon Shoatz - Russell Maroon Shoatz and Anthony Rayson
It Resembles Itself - J.D. Nelson
Last Act of the Circus Animals: Book One - Travis Washington and Sean Swain
Last Act of the Circus Animals: Book Two - Travis Washington and Sean Swain
Last Act of the Circus Animals: Book Three - Travis Washington and Sean Swain
The Police are Trained Killers - Anthony Rayson
Reaching Through the Bars: A Prisoner Support Handbook - Kirsten Anderberg
Wish I Were a Heathen - Chris Barry

Also, don't forget to check out our open house, this Wednesday, starting at 6 pm.

Monday, April 21, 2008

tzl open house

Come on out for our first annual TZL Spring Open House! Learn more about our collective activities and our collection, take time to read some of our fantastic materials, and find out about becoming a member with borrowing privledges. At the Open House, TZL-ers will be present to give tours of the collection and the library's other special features as well as answer any questions about what we do. There will also be a surprise Musical Guest, we'll be screening episodes of Our Hero as well as a short film about the Anchor Archive zine library in Halifax, and there will be snacks and drinks galore! Come out and show your support!

New additions for April 20, 2008.

Audio Blood Zine #3 - Sari Delmar
Cordially Yours - C.J. Barr
CXC #13 - Stef Martin and Matt Miller
Echo Echo #5 - Keet
Maybe This Christmas - Sarah Leask
Once Upon a Holiday - Sarah Leask
Sinister Compendium Volume 3 #1 - various
Vain #2 - Tia Ori

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Additions for April 13, 2008

Anarchives Volume 2, Issue 3 - TAO
Anarchives Volume 3, Issue 1 - TAO
Anarchives Volume 4, Issue 1 - TAO
Anarchives Volume 4, Issue 3 - TAO
CXC #10 - Matt Miller and Stef Martin
CXC #11 - Matt Miller and Stef Martin
CXC #12 - Matt Miller and Stef Martin
Doris #23 - Cindy Crabb
Electric Mayhem 2:4 - Sean Zio and Carla Agnesi
The F-Word Volume One - Liz Thomas, editor
Fuzzy Heads are Better #6 - Patti Kim
The Life of Cho Sueng-Hai and Some Sonnets - Imran Rehmani
Listen to My Friends Have Sex (CD) - Joe and Kat
Maximumrocknroll #295
Maximumrocknroll #299
Mini Manual of the Urban Guerilla - Carlos Marighella
Slug and Lettuce #68
Slug and Lettuce #90
Steamshovel Press #5 - Kenn Thomas and Phil Gounis
Stolen Sharpie Revolution 2nd Edition - Alex Wrekk
Tazewell's Favourite Eccentric - Sarah Arr!
Wavelength 7 - various
Wavelength November 2002 - various
Wavelength January 2003 - various
Wavelength February 2003 - various
Wavelength March 2003 - various
Wavelength April 2003 - various
Wavelength May 2003 - various
Wavelength February 2004 - various
Wavelength May 2004 - various
Zinetopia #0 - Sarah Arr!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New additions for March 30, 2008

2006 CrimethInc. Convergence - CrimethInc.
A Zine From the Imagination of Ladysnail - Ladysnail
Cryptic Tymes #3 - Alan Wright
Friends Make the Best Medicine - The Icarus Project
Fuckzine #13 - Sarah F.
Future Fantasteek! 4 - Jackie Batey
Grip #5 - London Commons Collective
Grip, Winter '07 - London Commons Collective
Lest We Take Ourselves Too Seriously: A Mockery For, and Of, Artists - J. Robertson
London Indymedia: Native Issues - London Indymedia
London Indymedia: Media Issue - London Indymedia
London Indymedia: Merry Consumeras Issue - London Indymedia
London Indymedia: Anti-War Issue - London Indymedia
London Indymedia #1 - London Indymedia
London Indymedia #2 - London Indymedia
Mass Hysteria #1 - Erin Schulthies
Mute Elation #9 - Patsi Braun, editor
Navigating the Space Between Brilliance and Madness - The Icarus Project
Queercore: A Short History - Anonymous
Save Our Environment What Can I Do, Vol. 1 - Ray Robertson
What Wave #9 - Dave and Rena
What Wave #13 - Dave and Rena
What Wave #14 - Dave and Rena
What Wave #16 - Dave and Rena

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Art Spiegelman Lecture!

Comix 101 Forbidden Images and The Art of Outrage
A Lecture by Pulitzer Prize Winning Author, Art Spiegelman

Thursday, April 3 at 7:30 p.m.
at the Isabel Bader Theatre
93 Charles St.
Toronto, Ontario

Students and Seniors: $25
Regular Admission: $40

As arguably the most influential comic illustrator of our time, Art Spiegelman has changed the literary landscape and has carved out an important place for the graphic novel as a tool to weave complex narratives.

Through his writing, Spiegelman makes lessons of the Holocaust, issues of political engagement, and freedom of speech accessible and meaningful to a generation of young people. His approach to history and politics as seen through the unique lens of the graphic novel, has an uncanny ability to uncover the many-layered nature of conflict and identity.

Spiegelman believes that "open discourse ultimately serves understanding" (Spiegelman, June 2006) and that the principles of freedom of speech and the open exchange of ideas are the cornerstone of a free society. Spiegelman will present his view that silencing alternative voices/images is not an acceptable form of political engagement.

Please join us for an amazing evening that is not to be missed. You can purchase tickets now at, or by phone at 416-913-2424. If you can't attend please consider donating a ticket to a student by calling the number listed above.

Presented by Hillel of Greater Toronto and the Latner Jewish Library in cooperation with the Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity Office University of Toronto, the Lonsdale Annex foundation, NJCL, NOW, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP, and UJA Federation of Greater Toronto

Media inquiries please call:
Daniel Abramson
Hillel of Greater Toronto

Sunday, March 23, 2008

New additions for March 23, 2008

1/2 Page Austerity Layout - Anonymous
Above and Beyond: The Zine - Brescia Nember Reid
Apocalyptic Wallpaper #4 - various
Bathing in Blue Light #1 - Pete Trudgeon
Bathing in Blue Light #2 - Pete Trudgeon
Bathing in Blue Light #3 - Pete Trudgeon
Bathing in Blue Light #4 - Pete Trudgeon
Bathing in Blue Light #5 - Pete Trudgeon
Bathing in Blue Light #6 - Pete Trudgeon
Bathing in Blue Light #7 - Pete Trudgeon
Dollfazed #5 - Kiera and Steph
eight seven central - smooth ape
Gee, Marie! - Winston Rowntree
Helter Skelter - Anonymous
Ink: An Urban Caucophony Vol. 1 - Dennis Calnan and Brendan Cormier, editors
Letters from Dead People #1 - Anonymous
Meanderings of a Constipated Mind - Anthony Furey
potato, potato - smooth ape
RENF #5 - Anonymous
Space Chips #2 - Reverend Fifi
Technique Card - various
Toronto Comic Jam August 2004 - various
Toronto Comic Jam October 2004 - various
The Umbrella - Jason Kieffer
Useless Comic #2 - Nick Maandag
xxxservants bring weaponsxxx - n. cardon

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New additions for March 9, 2008

Blind Grave Robber - Garret Schuelke
Blurt! #3 - Lew Houston
Cause and Effect #4 - various
Curious Constellation - Alex Wrekk
If Death Comes #1 - Todi
If Death Comes #2 - Todi
I'm a Wrekk #1 - Alex Wrekk
I'm a Wrekk #2 - Alex Wrekk
Making Stuff and Doing Things (Paperback) - Kyle Bravo

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New additions for March 2, 2008

Pig Paper #13 - Gary Pig Gold
Pig Paper #15 - Gary Pig Gold
Twist and Shout #1 - various

Sunday, February 17, 2008

New additions for February 17, 2008

Boyoboy Volume 1, Issue 1 - D-Man, editor
Boyoboy Volume 1, Issue 2 - D-Man, editor
Boyoboy Volume 1, Issue 3 - D-Man, editor
Give Me Back #3 - Spoonboy
Let's See What Else is On! - Jason Hall
MRR #277-278, 280-283, 285-287, 289-290, 296
Razorcake #31-34
The Wandering Artoholic #3 - Pat Lackenbauer

Sunday, February 3, 2008

More hours!

The Toronto Zine Library is extending its staffed hours. Somebody will now be in the library from 5-7 on Wednesday nights. So, pop in, read a zine, get a library card, and take something out.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New additions for January 27, 2008

The Alchemy of the Body - Juan Garcia
Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed - Ted Kepley and Alex Trotter
Auto-Free Times #10 - Randy Ghant
Bad Haircut #2 - various
Bulldozer Volume 1, Issue 1 - Bulldozer Collective
Class War #73 - Class War
Class War #79 - Class War
Commodity #4 - Josh Hooten and Tony Leone
Counterculture #2 - APF
Crime Magazine #1 - various
Drop Out #4 - Pam
Dwgsht Zine # 9 - Alex Caughlin
Error #103 - Sam McPheeters, editor
Fifth Estate Volume 23, Issue 3 - Fifth Estate
First Day #11 - The Move Organization
Girlfrenzy #6 - Erica, editor
Held Like Sound #4 - John Davis, editor
Hodgepodge #4 - Michael Schade, editor
Horizontal Action #14 - Todd Killings
Imagination - Lisa Hake, editor
Impact Press #28 - Craig Mazer, editor
It's Alive #10 - Fred Hammer
Join Kao #1 - various
Join Kao #3 - various
Kats Don't Eat Leaves - Heather and Casey
Kick it Over #39 - Kick it Over Collective
LIFT Volume 25 - Jason McBride, editor
Love and Rage Volume 8, Issue 1 - Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation
Love and Rage Volume 8, Issue 4 - Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation
Manufacturing Consent - Necessary Illusions
No Longer a FANzine #7/Fucktooth #18 - Joseph A. Gerrasi and Jen Angel
On the Prowl #7 - ARA Toronto
On the Prowl #8 - ARA Toronto
On the Prowl #13 - ARA Toronto
On the Prowl #18 - ARA Toronto
The Passage of Mr. Jung - Laura Kennelly
People's Global Action Bulletin 5 - PGA Editorial Collective
Plea for Peace Magazine #1 - Chaddwick Wolff
Poets Who Don't Dance - Shaunt Basmajian
Radio State #2 - Mike Alexander and Jason Penner
Radio State #3 - Mike Alexander
Rag Mag - Beverley Voldseth
Retrogression #10 - Brian Hull, editor
Screams from the Inside #4 - Carissa
Second Last #3 - Sandy Miranda
Slash and Burn #2 - Claire, editor
Slave Magazine #4 - Coker and Rash
Sleeping Dragon Press #3 - Sleeping Dragon Collective
Slingshot #59 - Slingshot Collective
Slingshot #66 - Slingshot Collective
Slingshot #77 - Slingshot Collective
Slingshot #84 - Slingshot Collective
Spare Change - Shant Basmajian
US Qweer Corps #1 - Hank
We Dare Be Free #2 - WDBF

Monday, January 28, 2008


Dear all,
please come to a very special event this Sunday, February 3rd, at 1:30:

"Please join us for a talk with long-time zinemaker and vegan foodie extraordinaire Siue Moffat at the Toronto Zine Library. Siue is best known for her self-published masterpiece of a cookbook Lickin' the Beaters, a self-published vegan dessert book which will soon be re-pressed by PM Books, an imprint of AK Press. Her second book- of vegan chocolate and candy recipes- is due out this spring on PM Books as well. In her talk, Siue will talk about her various projects involving punk rock, zines, food, and self-publishing. Snacks will be served!! Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!"

Monday, January 14, 2008

New additions for January 13, 2008

4Strugglemag #2 Jaan Karl Laaman
A Call to Arms #1 - Riot Grrl Toronto
A Call to Arms #2 - Riot Grrl Toronto
A Call to Arms #3 - Riot Grrl Toronto
Above and Beyond, February/March 2002 - Brescia Reid
The Anticapitalist Community Action - ACA
Autobiography - Amelia Bones
Baby, I'm A Manarchist - Tali and Laura
Big Boots #1 - various
Brampton Guardian Hijacking Project - Brampton Freethinking Collective
The Bright Pearl: Summer 2004 - Brescia Reid
Contageous #1 - Brescia Reid
Corduroy High #2 Preview - Tyrone McCarthy
Dilemma, September 2002 - Emma
Dilemma #2 - Emma
Femme Avec L'Attitude - Barbee Lazarus
The Future is Cloudy #1 - Stella T. Cade
Giant Kielbasa #4 - Anonymous
Graceful Suicide #3 - Anonymous
Greenpepper Magazine #2 - Greenpepper Collective
Greenpepper Magazine #3 - Greenpepper Collective
Helter Skelter - Anonymous
How to Get Everything You Can From Ontario Works and Ontario Disability - ACA
I Am Being Asked to Grow To Endure My Resolve - Anonymous
Inventory of a Zerox Book 1 - Ken Fox
Ironic Oxygen #1 - Sake and the Other One
Kiss Machine #13 - Emily Pohl-Weary, editor
Love-Ender - WMST 2500
Magrat #4 - Fred
Men, Sexism and the Class Struggle - MASS
Not Without My Consent (Asshole) - Bulletgirl and the Enforcer
One Hundred Thousand Volunteers Needed #1 - Autonome
The Origin of Dr. Ezgan - Ancient Wisdom Comics
Quiet Rumours - Dark Star Collective
Race Riot #2 - Iraya
Revolt What? - Sbaastien Ryli Skelton
Revolution and/or Insurrection - Kevin Tucker
Seem Infinate - Anonymous
Sous La Lis, Summer 2002 - Amy
Sous La Lis #2 - Amy
Sous La Lis #3 - Amy
St. Elsewise #7 - various
Suburban Creatures - E. F. Richardson
Swallow Your Pride - Kathryn, Mattilda and Scott
Ten Days that Shook Iraq - Firestarter Press
Trade Magazine, Winter 2002 - John Pressick, editor
Trade Magazine, Spring 2006 - John Pressick, editor
Trans-Continental Fuse Blowing - Alex M.
(untitled) - Andrzej Tarasiuk

Monday, January 7, 2008

New additions for January 6, 2008

A Study In Eleutherophobia Crimethinc.
Aardvark #2 Gayla and Michelle
Above and Beyond, the Zine- April/May Brescia Reid
Above and Beyond, the Zine- June Brescia Reid
Above and Beyond, the Zine- July/August Brescia Reid
An Animal Liberation Primer, 2nd Edition @nu
And So This is How it All Ends Ian Sullivan Cant
Andrea's Real Life Animal Adventures Andrea Cormier
Angry Girrls various
The Assassin and the Whiner #8 Carrie McNinch
Baby Zine #2 various
Big Boots #2 various
Big Boots #4 various
Big Bully #2 Rich Walters
Broken Pencil #28
Broken Pencil #31
The C, January 2005 various
Cash Cow #2 Heather McLean
Chainbreaker #4 various
Confessions of a Harry Potter Fanatic Parseltongue and Cumos
Cookbook Andrea Cormier
CXC #7/8 Stef Martin and Matt Miller
CXC #9 Stef Martin and Matt Miller
Deranged Flamingo #2 Fred Spider
Dilemma #3 Emma Lawson
Drown Soda #4 Sarah Jane
Ethical Violence #1 Anne-Marie
Fight the Man and Get Away Safely Anonymous
Fish Piss #1 Louis, editor
Found Sound Anonymous
Fun and Games Loopy
If Death Comes... #3 Todi
Immaculate Misconceptions Chrisa Hoicka
In Your Room #11 Serene
Independent Pussy #2 Janenna
Industrial Society and It's Future: The Unabomber Manifesto Ted Kaczynski
Infiltration #5 Ninjalicious
Infiltration #10 Ninjalicious
The Insatiable Cunt #2 Brescia Reid
The Insurgent's Guide to Imperialism and Revolt G.R.A.I.N.
Ketamine Sunrise Chantal Lefebvre
Ladyfest Toronto 2002 various
Letters From the War Years various
Mad Cow #10 various
Man With Broken Leg #8 Anthony Gerace
Mine? Anonymous
Mission of Techne Maggie MacDonald
Mixed Reviews Aaron Cometbus
Mohawk Pussy #5 Jessika and Sheila
Molly Ringworm #1 various
Monstress #3 Una Crow
Monstress #4 Una Crow
My First Little Book of GM Crop Decontamination Anonymous
Narcolepsy Press #6 Randy Robbins
Nozone 6- Crime various
One Way Street AK Thompson
Paint Me a Revolution Helen
Pegboy butch of wpg.
Queen of the Universe #7 Jeannette
Rats In the Hallway #5 Stefan Wild, editor
Razorblades in Halloween Candy Sancho Panza
Rhetorike Stella T. Cade
Saucy Sarah K.
Smiling Politely #4 Jennn and Jessie
Straight Up Pussy Jessika
Straight Up Pussy #10 Jessika
Syn:desultory Liisa K. Graham and Garett Walker
Ten Reasons to Riot various
Ten Years Late #1 Lindsay
This is a Lie Greg Sullivan
Thought Bombs #14 Anthony Rayson
Threat Warning Sarah
Trade Magazine Volume 4, Issue 4 John Pressick, editor
Trailer Trash #10 Michelle Shute, editor
Trailer Trash #19 Michelle Shute, editor
UK Zine Yearbook 2007 Toby, editor
(untitled) Anonymous
(untitled) Anonymous
(untitled) Anonymous
The Vegetable Inside us All #7 Anne
Velorutuion Volume 1 Mary Blue
Vermiculture for Beginners Andrea Cormier
Viral or Bacterial? #1 Spencer Ackerman
The Well of the World Cinnibar
Why Another Troubled Soul Story? Catherine Paquette and Ian Sullivan Cant
Wiccan Candles Volume 5, Issue 8 Iris O. Bard
Wiccan Candles Volume 6, Issue 1 Iris O. Bard
Wiccan Candles Volume 6, Issue 3 Iris O. Bard
You Still Have the Chaos in You Mary
Young and Anarchist Cameron and Star

Watch for an upcoming zine library event at the beginning of February!