Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Additions for September 28th, 2008

Sorry zine updates this week. Check back next week...

In other news, our website now features a Links/Zine Resources page. Be sure to check it out!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

new additions for september 14, 2008

888 JD Nelson
A Story About an Onion Factory Daniel Colbourne
About My Disappearance Dave Roche
Adventures With Kidney Stones Rebekah
Almost Ainu Anonymous
Amsterdam '74 Liam Crockard and Scott Crockard
Arts and Crafts Revolution Terri
The Boring Lives of Saints Anthony Gerace and Bill Scarfone
Breakfast at Twilight Erica S.
Broken Arrow #1 Katie
Butt Ugly #5 Cory
Calendar Girl #3 Louise Von A
Calendar Girl #5 Louise Von A
Carbon and Carbide #2 Lisa
The CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting: Martin Luther King Abner Smith
Creaking Home #1 Stewart Jarvis
Creaking Home #2 Stewart Jarvis
Crumb #1: Feelings Neelam Kler and Junior Carvalho
Curran's Mom's Sex Life... Liz Elton
Day of Reckoning David
Dead Rat #1 Strand B Strand
Dear Stepdad Neely Bat Chestnut
Drama Kid Kathryn Eller
Drink the Sunshine #4 Tom Brundison
Drive For Eternity #1 Magan Mobilize
Endless Escalators #1 Anonymous
Erinsborough Exploits Episode 22 Anonymous
Every-Thing Jen Pilles
Four Horsemen Sabrina Simon
Four Star Daydream Fawne Derosia
Four Star Daydream #8 Fawne
Frogs United in Nihilism Y. Julie
Godzilla Says Hi Jenny
Gribeault Jean-Francois Jette
Hannah's Pink Pajamas Melanie
Headlock Timothy Colman
In Utopia Enrico Ferri
Intermission #2 Rachel Lindan
Introvert #5 Nicole
Kazine #5 various
Land of the Midnight Sun #47 Anonymous
The Lavender Hoe #1 Shannon Perez-Darby and Amelia Crewe
Madwoman #7 Helena Madwoman
Meet Kafifa Katarzyna Stozek
Megane Kun #1 Megan Kun
Mend My Dress #3 Neely Bat Chestnut
New to Everything #5 Leanne
The Perfect Mix Tape Segue #2 Joe Biel
Pure Distortion #2 Taylor
Purgatorials #1 Lorna V
River Dresses #1 Absinthe Ophelia
The Road of Sand Anonymous
Rondo various
Shadows and Premonitions #1 Cate
She's Not a Morning Person #6 Jen Venegas
Silas Claudio Paola
Sinking Hearts Sophie
Soft Serve #1 Karoline
Soft Serve #2 Karoline
Solitary Confinement Lori Osting
This Story is Not About the Little Mermaid Anonymous
Today and Tomorrow #1 Jonathan S.
Toronto Zine Library: A Resource Zine #4 various
Two Seconds Notice #1 Cher
Two Seconds Notice Part 2 Cher
(untitled) Dana Arbabzadem
Up the Sleeve Mandy
What Would Nietzsche Do? Louise Von A
The World Is My Fuse #2 Anonymous
The World Is My Fuse #3 Anonymous
The Worst #1 Kathleen, editor
X Magazine #13 Jeff Hanson
You (red helmet) Anonymous
You (pink) Anonymous
You (bleeding tooth) Anonymous
You (monkey mask) Anonymous

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

TZL @ Ladyfest 2008!

Sunday, September 21st. 1:30pm

Danielle and Tara of the TZL Collective will be facilitating a workshop titled Zinemaking for Social Change at this year's Ladyfest Toronto! In this open-format workshop/discussion, we will talk about the history of zinemaking within countercultural movements from the 1920 to the present, methods of making and distributing zines and pamphlets as well as the Toronto Zine Library and it's activities.

Ladyfest 2008 Workshop Venue:

St. Stephen's In-the Fields Church
103 Bellevue Avenue at College Street
North of Kensington Market

From Ladyfest Toronto's website:

"Ladyfest Toronto is a four-day arts, culture and music festival. We are a non-profit, grassroots, do-it-yourself collective who seek to promote urban feminism. We work from a framework that is pro-feminist, trans-inclusive, pro-diversity and anti-oppressive. We seek to build community among Toronto's feminist businesses, artists, activists and academic community. We believe that art is a powerful form of resistance and hope to incite dialogue about contemporary feminist issues in our city. We will be providing a venue for women to express themselves and showcase their work free of sexism, classism, racism, and homophobia; as well as other forms of oppression.

We believe that politics can be fun and hope to facilitate political action and create tools for feminist networking at our annual event. We will proudly showcase the talent and actions of both local and international women. Ultimately, we hope Ladyfest Toronoto inspires women everywhere to organize themselves and create similar spaces that allow women's creative works to be seen and heard, as other Ladyfest's have for us."

For more information: