Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Closed this Sunday

So as not to discriminate against fathers, we will be closed this Sunday, June 21, for Father's Day.

Monday, June 15, 2009

CALL FOR ZINE SUBMISSIONS to tour Eastern Canada!

Our friend Ryan at Methinks Presents, which runs the gallery Project 165 in Kensington Market, has organized a traveling art show, called We Made a Deal with the Devil that will tour between Toronto and Halifax in August. The show has a zine component, and Ryan is looking for zines to be included in the tour!

If you have multiple copies of a zine you would like to see distributed across Eastern Canada, please get in touch with us or with Ryan. Our email address is torontozinelibrary@hotmail.com or Ryan can be reached at methinkspresents@gmail.com. Any zines left at the end of the tour will be shared between the Toronto Zine Library and Project 165.

For more information, check out the Methinks Presents website:: http://www.methinkspresents.org/

Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Additions for June 14, 2009

The Adventures of Skumpy & Smiles, Vol.1 #1 half-size/comics/Simon Gane
Alternazone #5 half-size/fanzine/Patti
Animal Liberation & Social Revolution half-size/politics/Brian A. Dominick
Arnie Comics #2 odd-size/comics/Simon Gane
Art Police half-size/art (vintage)/various
Article 19 #5 half-size/comics/Robin Bougie & Rebecca Dart
Article 19 #6 half-size/comics/Robin Bougie & Rebecca Dart
Article 19 #7 half-size/comics/Robin Bougie & Rebecca Dart
Black Cat 115 #5 half-size/litzine/Matthew Firth
Chyme half-size/perzine/Mel
Dairy Reich half-size/fanzine/various
Dressed for Success #12 half-size/comics/Jeff Wasson & Chris Howard
Dressed for Success #13 half-size/comics/Jeff Wasson & Chris Howard
The Dead half-size/litzine/Jones
Existere, V.18 #2 half-size/litzine/various
Fabulous Babes & Hot Rods #1 odd-size/comics/various
Fist City #5 half-size/perzine/Rob
For Daniel F. Bradley half-size/litzine/Tara Azzopardi
Fuzz Vol.1 #2 half-size/perzine/Duncan
Gag Funnies #0 half-size/comics/Michael Darmanian
A Glimpse of Hope #2 half-size/perzine/Anonymous
Ground Level #1 odd-size/comics/Peter Pavement (ed).
Little Brother half-size/perzine/Ryan Stec
No. 5 half-size/comics/Marc Arsenault
Our Noise half-size/litzine/Jeff Gomez
Our Noise #2 half-size/litzine/Jeff Gomez
A Picture Book half-size/art/Karen Azoulay
Plotz #6 half-size/culture/Barbara
Pulled Mints #1 half-size/perzine/various
Quagmire #1 half-size/litzine/Andre Nemeth
Quagmire #2 half-size/litzine/Andre Nemeth
The Remnants #13 half-size/comics/anonymous
Retarded Art #1 half-size/comics/Greg McCann
The Sex Police in a Moral Panic half-size/gender/queer/various
Smoke #34 half-size/litzine/Dave Ward (ed.)
Square Suckers #6 half-size/perzine/Kim
This Inheritance Must be Refused odd-size/gender/queer/various
Tigerduck, Nov. 1995 half-size/litzine/various
Totalpop Zine #4 half-size/fanzine/Ian McMurray
True Contraceptives half-size/gender/queer/anonymous
Two Selections from Woodstock Reichstag half-size/comics/Lee Enfield & Mark Connery
Untitled odd-size/art (vintage)/Scott Bowring
Untying the Knot odd-size/gender/queer/Jo Freeman & Cathy Levine
Uranium Kisses will Knock Your Socks Off half-size/litzine/J. Millar
William Wants a Doll #4 half-size/perzine/Arielle
Women's Her-story half-size/gender/queer/Kim Fern
Wow Cool, Spring 1997 half-size/special interest/James & Marc
Wow Cool, Winter 1998 half-size/special interest/James & Marc

New Additions for June 7, 2009

Chicks Rock DIY Day half-size/gender/queer/Tia
Chimi Chonga #3 half-size/perzine/Jae (ed.)
Everything's Fine full-size/comics/James Papoutsis
Family Hair Loom quarter-size/gender/queer/Meesh 'Stache
Fuckin' Loons! full-size/perzine/Angie Neatty
I Hate Latte Drinkers fullsize/perzine/Angie
Iron Femme #1 half-size/gender/queer/Tierney B/ Gleason
Iron Femme #2 half-size/gender/queer/Tierney B/ Gleason
My Brain is My Accomplice #1 quarter-size/perzine/Cortney O.
Not Sorry #2 quarter-size/perzine/Jenny
Pandora's Box #17 half-size/perzine/Shannon Edgett
She Plays quarter-size/litzine/Candace Margaret
She was Debbie Gibson, I was Martika full-size/perzine/Angie Neatty
Ten Dirty Little Secrets quarter-size/perzine/Anonymous
Three Minute Girlfriend half-size/art/Zeesy Powers
Trade Queer Things full-size/gender/queer/John Pressick (ed.)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Additions for May 31, 2009

26 Things odd-size/art/Shannon
Absent-Cause #2 half-size/special interest/Redguard (ed.)
An Herbal for Men Who Live Alone or, Recipes to Catch a Boyfriend half-size/special interest/ Allyson Mitchell & RM Vaughan
August in Harveyville half-size/litzine/Chantal C. Guidry
Corduroy Stars #3 quarter-size/perzine/Laura
Clit #1 half-size/special interest/Adriana
Conditioned Response #4 half-size/perzine/Anonymous
Danger! Hole Zine #2 half-size/gender/queer/Lucy
Danger! Hole Zine #3 half-size/gender/queer/Lucy
Danger! Hole Zine #4 half-size/gender/queer/Lucy
Devoted Hor #1 half-size/gender/queer/Anonymous
Dreamer's Disease odd-size/perzine/Anonymous
En Avant! Vol. 1 #1 half-size/litzine/Michelle Brittany & Nick Diak
Gurgle #3 half-size/art/Anonymous
Her Dick#3 half-size/gender/queer/Anonymous
Her Dick#4 half-size/gender/queer/Anonymous
Honey Tunnel #1 half-size/perzine/Anonymous
Honey Tunnel #2 half-size/perzine/Anonymous
I am a Little Nothing odd-size/comic/Anonymous
Insatiable Cunt #3 quarter-size/perzine/Brescia Reid
Life or Meth half-size/special interest/Youth Coalition Society of Alberta
Little Star Crowd Control half-size/perzine/Cliff Snyder & Claire Heslop
Lolita #2 odd-size/special interest/Jemibook
The Lubicon Struggle half-size/politics/The Calgary Anti-Capitalist Collective
Midnight Driving half-size/perzine/Jennafur Parks
Nervous Laughter odd-size/perzine/Boo Jupiter
On Edge #4 half-size/special interest/various
Poems for the Year half-size/litzine/Chantel C. Guidry
Riot Theorem #1 half-size/perzine/Anonymous
Rock 'n the Pots half-size/politics/Food Not Bombs Calgary
Rock Pile quarter-size/fanzine/J.H.
Safe Legal Abortion Access odd-size/litzine/Anne Elizabeth Moore
Scooter Mounted Dream Girl half-size/fanzine/Christi
Show and Tell #2 half-size/perzine/Dana Rae
Sissy half-size/perzine/Anonymous
Sleeps with Ghosts #0 half-size/perzine/Sarala
Sucio #1 half-size/fanzine/Flaco & McBone
The Sun Shines on it Twice #1 half-size/perzine/Claire Heslop
The Sun Shines on it Twice #2 half-size/perzine/Claire Heslop
The Sun Shines on it Twice #3 half-size/perzine/Claire Heslop
Untitled half-size/art/Abena & Megan
Untitled odd-size/comic/Aaron Wright
Varda De 5 a 10 quarter-size/comic/Kristen Li
Vomit Girl half-size/litzine/Boo Jupiter

and many more to come over the coming weeks and months...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hamilton Anarchist Book Fair

The Toronto Zine Library Collective will be at the Hamilton Anarchist Book Fair on June 6th (this Saturday). Come check it out!

Hamilton Anarchist Book Fair

Westdale High School
700 Main St. West
Hamilton, ON

10 A.M. - 4 P.M.

Common Cause presents Hamilton's 2nd Annual Anarchist Bookfair.

Free Lunch by Food not Bombs.
Free Child Care Provided.

For more information on vendors, workshops, etc. : http://linchpin.ca/events/Hamilton-Anarchist-Bookfair