Monday, May 28, 2007

New additions for May 27, 2007

127 Days to Live #1 Ryan Bigge
127 Days to Live #2 Ryan Bigge
A Walk Through Old Cabbagetown Marc Ngui
Anti Clock Wise #19 various (UK)
Badaboom Grammephone #4 Ben Goldberg, ed.
Broken Pencil #4
Broken Pencil #6
Broken Pencil #7
Broken Pencil #8
Broken Pencil #11
Broken Pencil #13
Burn Periodicals #2
T. MacGregor
Cannibal Culture #1 Kier-La Janisse, editor
Cog Think Marc Ngui
Cold Fusion #14 Nadine
EqualizingXDistort Volume 7, Issue 2 CIUT 89.5
Dave aka X Man the Urban Hermit Book 1 Hypnotized Sheep Press
Factsheet 5 #59
Go Guerilla!
Hips Lips Tits Power Lois Rowe
The Holy Bile #9 various
Ink and Crackers #3 K. Clemens
Leftover Shoes Volume 1, Issue 4 Dylan Reibling
Living Doll Disaster Jennifer Whiteford
M@b January 1999 Matthew Blackett
Marijuana Mother Zayla Weedz
The Match! #87 Fred Woodworth, ed.
The Match! #89 Fred Woodworth, ed.
Matilda: My Ladyfest Travel Diary Jennifer
Matilda: Spring 2001 Jennifer
Maximumrocknroll: Book Your Own Fuckin’ Life #6
Maximumrocknroll: Book Your Own Fuckin’ Life #9
Mote Volume 2, Issue 1
Gabino Travassos, ed.
Muckcake #1 Pam
Mutiny Fish on Fridays
The New Irregular #2 C.W. Beaumont, ed.
Poise Emmett “Slutsky” McButterstone III and Hortense “Lavoie” Felipides
Punk Planet #19
Punk Planet #22
Punk Planet #31
Razorcake #4
Razorcake #5
Razorcake #6
Rutabaga Zine #2
Salon: A Journal of Aesthetics #25 various
Semper Fidelis Stuart Ross
Slush #11 Bev and Patricia
Superior Tenderness and Flavour #2 Chris Eng
Tepid, Spring 1999 John Hankiewicz
Tepid, Spring 2001 John Hankiewicz
Time’s Up! #4 Lane Van Ham
Tofu Volume 1a various
Wavelength February 2002 various
We Don’t Go to Their Parties: A Gainesville Comic Anthology Travis Fristoe, ed.
Working in the Bowels of Hell Black Conrad
Yip #29 various
Zine Guide #2 Brent Ritzel and Jenn Solheim
Zum #10 Yvonne and George Chen

Sunday, May 20, 2007

New additions for May 20, 2007.

Lots was discussed at today's meeting, including the summers 3 in-library events including a zine fair, TZL t-shirts, and the fact that we will soon become a reading room and LENDING LIBRARY. Please stay tuned to the website and blog for more on this super-exciting news!

And for the new additions:

Bamboo Girl #7
Bamboo Girl #8
Bamboo Girl #9
CXC #2
- Matt Miller, editor
CXC #3- Matt Miller, editor
Gobs of Bloody Flesh: The Heartwarming Tale of One Woman's Fight for Justice- Dave Dumas
Give Me A Hug: A Lighthearted Romp Through the Joys of Happiness- Dave Dumas

Sunday, May 13, 2007

New additions for May 13, 2007.

Mostly from the London Indie Press Fair yesterday....

30-Hour Sloth-
Sarah Wayward
4Strugglemag #3- Jaan Karl Laaman, editor
A Brief History of Zines- Anonymous
Advertising as an Infection- Gemma Hawkins
Battle Droid- Peter Thompson
Beautiful Bras and Bodyhair- various
Bees Fly Up and Down Volume 1, Issue 4- Guiney/Ali
Blacklisted! 411 Volume 3, Issue 3- Zachary Blackstone and Alexander Tolstoy
Captain Nola- Jacqui
Crazy from the Heat #2- Anonymous
Dirt Bag #8- Dave Kierch
Dollfazed #4- Kiera and Stephanie
Don’t Give Up- Anonymous
Famous Like Walt Disney- Peter Thompson
Fawda: On the Situation in Palestine- Friends of Al-Halladj
Fear Itself #6- Matthew Brown
Fear Itself Omnibus- Matthew Brown
Fish Piss #5- various
Garcon- Ray Robertson
Girl Cult Volume 2, Issue 2- Margaret Kelley
The Glovebox Chronicles #4- Davida Gypsy Breier
Gold Sounds #2- Peter Thompson
Goose- Ray Robertson
Grip #2- UWO PIRG
Grip #3- UWO PIRG
Grrrden #1- grrrdner
I’m The Devil- Peter Thompson
Infiltration #11- Ninjalicious
Island #2- Samara Klein
Island #3- Samara Klein
Lameguy #1- Brian
Library Bonnet #5- Julie and Tommy
Like Old Times- Peter Thompson
Little Star Crowd Control- Cliff Snyder and Claire Heslop
Lost In Tyme #2- various
Lost Star Found- Mary Loststarfound
MagMyr- Louwan Jehu
Manafixation #2- Sarah Jaffe
Manifest and Destiny- Anonymous
The McCleave Gallery of Fine Art Lineage Tour 2006- McCleave Gallery of Fine Art
The Mighty Destructo-Man- Peter Thompson
Mission Mini Comix- Anonymous
Mohawk Pussy #4- Jessika and Sheila
Nothing To Declare- Jasmine Marsh
Outlet Volume 2, Issue 1- LGBTOUT
Peanut Butter Jelly #2- Saelee and Souther “Snake”
Ponyclub #1- David Youngblood
QECE #10- Larry Nocella
Riot Grrrl Montreal- various
Salt and Slush #2- Sarah Evans
The Science Man- Peter Thompson
Slow Train #1- Ashley Houghton, editor
Soccer Hooligan #3- Peter Thompson
Sourcebook of American Chatter- SAC
Tapegun #2- Mark Borthwick
That Ol Drunken Puffer- Marc Bell and Peter Thompson
Three Poems- Laura Murray
The Toe Toddler #2- Peter Thompson, editor
Toronto Comic Jam: February 1997- various
Water Damage- Beau Labute and Peter Thompson
Winks & Whispers- Saelee Oh
What’s Life?-
Krista Precosky

Saturday, May 12, 2007

TZL in Broken Pencil!

The TZL was mentioned in the latest issue...check it out!

Zine Libraries: Alternative Learning Centres with Couches

Visiting a zine library isn't like going to a conventional library. You don't have to speak in hushed voices, you can bring in a hot beverage, sit on comfy couches, peruse independent, hard-to-find publications and meet other zine enthusiasts. Toronto's Zine Library is housed in the Tiki Roon at the TRANZAC, a community organization that promotes the arts, theatre and music. The Tiki Room is not large or fancy, but it serves the purpose of providing a cozy place for people to gather and read zines or listen to readings. Most zine libraries are more than just archives with dusty boxes but also act as meeting areas, hosting events, talks and workshops where artists, writers, activists, media critics and others can congregate to share ideas.

However, if you're already visiting the Toronto Reference Library, why not check out the zine library there? Broken Pencil donates there zines to provide the bulk of this collection. While the focus is on the Toronto zine scene, you will find other Canadian and international zines such as Montreal's Fish Piss. The zines are neatly arranged in folders and are stored alphabetically by title. They currently have about 700 zines, and if you need a break from your studies, it's conveniently located on the 4th floor of the library for your perusal.

According to Montreal's Bibliograph/e co-founder Anna Leventhal, "By having a place where zines are broadly accessable to the general public, there is a chance of maybe breaking down some of the barriers between media producers and media consumers." It serves as a kind of "nexus for people who are interested in alternative media, original writing and weird art." The Toronto Zine Library Collective's Tara Bursey likens zine libraries to political infoshops in that they "provide people with a venue for free information exchange and learning without interference or moderation. Both are places that could be considered alternative learning centres or 'free schools.'"

Halifax's Anchor Archive is found in Sarah Evans' and Sonia Edworthy's living room in a detatched house in North Halifax on Roberts Street. Evans states, "The purpose of the Anchor Archive- and I would guess most zine libraries- is to share zines, often a hidden and inaccessible type of publication, with anyone who is interested." Anchor Archive also organizes zine fairs and since 2006, has been running artist/writer/zinemaker-in-residence programs where residents move into the backyard shed- which is cleaned out to hold a bed and a desk- for a few weeks or a month and work on projects, holding office hours during the library's open hours. They are a great opportunity for collaboration and allow for out-of-towners as well as local folks a chance to work on a project while using the resources of Anchor Archive. Past residents include Dennis Hale, Sarah Mangle, Jeff Miller and Sara Spike, and Iris Porter.

Zine libraries are mostly volunteer-run, recieving little funding except when supporters and organizers decide to pay for expenses out of their own pockets. They are truely labours of love. Says Evans, "Halifax has a real shortage of public spaces that are community-run, art-based, and when we moved in here, we decided that a zine library would be a good focal point for starting something. There was always a lot of interest in zine fairs or workshops we were organizing."
Broken Pencil #35

Friday, May 11, 2007


Hello all,
We've been moved upstairs, to the second floor of the Tranzac. You will now have to go up some stairs and walk by the Blocks Recording Club office in order to get to the Zine Library. Also, we're not sure what access is going to be like when it isn't Sunday from 1-3, so if you want to come by to the Zine Library, you might be wise to actually come during that timeframe.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Toronto Zine Library at the London Indie Media Fair

This Saturday, the Toronto Zine Library will be tabling at the 2nd annual London Indie Media Fair. The fair will feature Indie/DIY groups tabling their wares as well as a number of fantastic workshops. The Toronto Zine Library table will feature our physical catalogue, highlights from our collection, the TZL zine and pins for sale as well as many other goodies and surprises. If you are in the London area, please come down and say hi to us!

London Indie Media Fair
Saturday, May 12th, 2007
at the London Public Library,
Central Branch
251 Dundas Street
London, Ontario

Monday, May 7, 2007

New additions for May 6, 2007

Artfuck #6 Dan and Agustin
Big Boots #1 various
Brutarian #9 various
Crank #5 Jeff Koyen, editor
Crank #6 Jeff Koyen, editor
Destroy All Comics Jeff Levine, editor
Dysfunctional Family #6 various
Exhibit A #3 Alia Breyer
Exhibit A #4 Alia Breyer
The Face on Mars Aaron Trudgeon
Flattery Fanzine Volume 2, Issue 2 various
Geek Spazz or Dweeb Cathy Mark
General Elephany #3 Allison Hamison XIV
Island #1 Samara Klein
Lint to Religion gLover, editor
Mouth Volume 4, Issue 5 Lucy Gwin, editor
On and On #1 Dani Ferzoco
Poems About Rock Stars Kurt Isensee
Puncrock Zine #3 Michael Geller, editor
Rivet #9 Stacey Case, editor
Skyscrapers…All on Fire Anonymous
Skyscrapers…All on Fire Anonymous
Sneer #3 Kate Flannery, editor
Strange Emulsions Volume 1 Anonymous
Subliminal Tattoos Magazine #5 Robert Dupree, editor
Subliminal Tattoos Magazine #6 Robert Dupree, editor
Subliminal Tattoos Magazine #7 Robert Dupree, editor
Subliminal Tattoos Magazine #8 Robert Dupree, editor
Tiff Volume 3, Issue 3 various
Wavelength #2001 Ancient Wisdom Comics

White Bread #13

and from before that:

30-Hour Sloth
Sarah Wayward

A Beat of Our Own #1
Jared Forman

A beautiful mess.
Melissa and Dani

A Frozen River #1
Dan, editor

A Frozen River #2
Dan, editor

AAHHH! A 24 Hour(ish) Zine Project
Fred Spider

Ab Imo Pectore
Patti Kim

Abbotsford + Realizations


Adventure #1
Dan Murray

Anar-comics Volume 1
Jonathan Culp

Autokeny #1
Shannon and Cheryl


Bad Date Book

Beating Around the Bush #1
Pussywillow Collective

Beating Around the Bush #2
Pussywillow Collective

Beating Around the Bush #4
Pussywillow Collective

Bedridden #1
Michael Tymochko

Beyond Belief #1
Chris Evans, editor

Lacy Crews

Fish on Fridays

Marc Ngui

Missy Kulik

Canada Passport
Matt Murray

Charged Hair, Distorted Riffs…Bullet Belts and Circle Pits! #3
The Foat, editor

Charm #1
Becky Bayer and Matt Crookshank

Cornflake Rebellion #5
Betty Beatrix Beehive

The Deconstruction
Allan Bearns

DIY How To Guide

DIY Guide II

Dr. Pork #2
D. Ian Rogers

Dr. Pork #6
D. Ian Rogers

Drown Soda #5
Sarah Jane

EqualizingXDistort Volume 4, Issue 6
89.5 CIUT

EqualizingXDistort Volume 5, Issue 1
89.5 CIUT

EqualizingXDistort Volume 5, Issue 2
89.5 CIUT

EqualizingXDistort Volume 5, Issue 3
89.5 CIUT

EqualizingXDistort Volume 5, Issue 4
89.5 CIUT

EqualizingXDistort Volume 5, Issue 5
89.5 CIUT

EqualizingXDistort Volume 6, Issue 2
89.5 CIUT

EqualizingXDistort Volume 6, Issue 4
89.5 CIUT

EqualizingXDistort Volume 6, Issue 6
89.5 CIUT

Everyday Comics #1
Andrew Foster

Everyday Comics #2
Andrew Foster

Ewe Look Like Ewe Could Ewes a Drink
Jennifer Corbett

Exit Interview: On Robot Has Werewolf Hand
Eric Foster and Justin Kern

Facts About Menstruation Every Woman Should Know

Yvonne Ng

Friday: A Day In My Life

Fuzzy Heads Are Better #10
Patti Young Kim

Girl-Boy #2/Boy-Girl #2
Shyla Ann and Robnoxious

Go Fuck Yourself

Graffiti Art #1
Anita Singh

Hear Be Dragons #8
Mike Q. Roth and Eric Meisberger

Huzzah #1
Britton Walters

I Hate This Part of Texas #2

I Hate You
Karen Cunningham

I’m A Leaf, Don’t Eat Me: Zippy’s little Zine #3

I’m A Leaf, Don’t Eat Me: Zippy’s little Zine #4

Infiltration #21

Infiltration #23

Killer Queen

Kingdom #1

Legionella’s Manifesto
Christy Cameron

Lets All Die #3
Colin Drew

Living With Hepatitis C
Zoe Dodd

Llamapolis #3

Long and Skinny
Ridley-Eye Creations

The Long Drive Home
Nathan Richards

Long Live Mutiny- Pirate Tactics
Firestarter Press

Lucky #1
Gabrielle Bell

Magrat #3
Fred Spider

Magrat #4.5
Fred Spider

Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys
Fish on Fridays

Paul Hammond

The Matchbook Prophet
Kelly Shurr

Mayorga: Lamont Stories
David Lee

Melt the Snow #10

Melt the Snow #12

Melt the Snow #13

Mohawk Pussy #9

Monkeyman #1
DJ Sylvis

Monkeyman #2
DJ Sylvis

Monsters and Villains
Kyle Jacobsen and rowboat

The Mummy Sojourns
L. Reid and G. Stab

Nannygoat Trannygoat #1
Roisin O’Connor

Nannygoat Trannygoat #2
Roisin O’Connor

The Necronaut #4

Not Even #3
Daisy Rooks

Not Licked to a Frazzle
Rosemary Spring

Stephen Parks


Open All the Time #1
Angela K

Other Ramona
Laura Ramona

Yvonne Ng

Paper Crush #1
Krissy D.

Peace-A-Chord Newsletter

Peace-A-Chord Newsletter 1999

Peace-A-Chord Newsletter 2000

Peace-A-Chord Newsletter 2003

Penumbra #1
Susan and Richard

Pocket #7
Missy Kulik

Pocket #8
Missy Kulik

Pocket #9
Missy Kulik

Pocket #10
Missy Kulik

Popular Cult

Profane Existance #20
Profane Existance

Prostitution and the Law

Public Works #2

Punk is like A Box of Candy

Pussywillow: Proactive Menstrual Awareness

Radical Slut Discovery: Building and Re-Building Our Sexual Selves

Rants and Roars: Journal of Imbittered Newfoundlanders

Rare Creature #2
Kelley Seda

Recycled Cinema
Satan McNugget

Mike Laihiton

Rock, Lion
Yvonne Ng


Safe and Sound
Allison Jayne and Shannon Mitchell

Savage Nomad #1
Savage Nomad

The Second Part #3

Sex on Wheels: Revolutionizing the Body

S/he’s Got Labe #6

Short Fast and Loud! #14

Smeared Lipstick #1
Jennifer King

Smeared Lipstick #2
Jennifer King

Smeared Lipstick #3
Jennifer King

Soy, Not Oi!
Hippycore Crew



Stay as You Are
Brad Yung

James March


Symbiosis Magazine #2

Tales of Lust and Labwork #1
Sonya Amin

Tales of Lust and Labwork #2
Sonya Amin

The Stupid Journey #1: Thumbing the Canadian Wasteland
Jonathan Culp

The Stupid Journey #2: Misbehavin’
Jonathan Culp

This Way Out
Sara Zia Ebrahimi and Emily Nepon

Toronto Zine Library: A Resource Zine
TZL Collective

Trans Heath Matters
Jamison Green

True Confessions of a Big Geek

True Love: A Photo Romance
Naomi Reid


Missy Kulik

Wavelength Volume II, Issue 6

Wavelength Volume II, Issue 9

Wavelength Volume II, Issue 15

What Was to Be a Routine Operation
Chris Barry

Where’s A Cookie?
Missy Kulik

Why Jesus Never Liked Dirty Laundry
James Martin

Why We Live: Activism and Body Image


Witches, Midwives and Nurses

Wot I Think #1
George P. Pseudonom

Wot I Think #2
George P. Pseudonom

Yoohoo Haiku
Missy Kulik

You’re Gonna Die #2
Jessi Junkin